Our camper is nicknamed “Little Beastie’, his partner in crime is ‘Susan’ the car.  fully loaded weight of LB is right at 3,100# and Susan (2005 Honda Pilot) easily pulls him with updated shocks and transmission.

LB was originally a 1966 Aloha Travel Trailer.  I talked James into pulling the trigger on the purchase as my mothers day gift in 2016.  The original plan was to just get him ‘prettied up’ and slightly modified to fit us all comfortable.  As we got into the project (which you can see HERE) we quickly realized it was in too bad of shape to feel comfortable taking on the road (frankly I should have been far more scared bringing him home the first time!).  We got to a point that we could either scrap the plan or jump in with two feet and rebuild.  I think most people would have scrapped but having a tiny house already under our belt we jumped in.  One year and one week later we set of on our epic adventure.  The plan is to tour the US, loosely following the National Parks.  At the time of this writing we are 18,000 miles in, 32 states and 15 National Parks and counting.  You can see visual snippets of our adventure on Instagram.