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We thought that there has to be more than work, commutes, sleep, errands, and commitments. Long story short, it turned out we were right! We found a way out of the ‘rat race’ of day to day life!

Over the last couple years we’ve successfully re-designed our lifestyles to be able to transition our jobs to passion driven work (that pays!). We found a way to spend quality time with our family, every day.  We are able to see amazing things, meet amazing people and enjoy our own quality time (that us introverts need).  All of this while traveling the country. What could be better?

We’ve learned much of this the long way. We would like to help short cut that process for others!  Sign up HERE if you would like to receive your daily tip on things you can do to successfully live a nomadic lifestyle. We will send you our best tips and stories on topics like work, family and relationships, travel tips and things you can do now to start down the path in your day to day life!

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